Photos: Jeffrey Dodge Rogers

Formerly Dim Dining Room (Otis St, Newton)

Design by: Out of the Woods


  • Gut 3rd floor, add dormer, create full bath & guest/office space
  • Create master bath
  • Finish basement
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Dining room remodel: add windows, revive fireplace that had been buried
  • Remodel 1st floor half bath
  • Imitation slate roof
  • New ceilings and heart pine flooring throughout 1st floor

By others: Painting

Adding the side windows and raising the ceiling transformed this room into a bright, inviting space. The new windows also allowed better supervision of the kids playing outside. As with the rest of the first floor, this room had a low/false ceiling, probably done during the energy crisis of the 70's.

A little architectural archaeology uncovered a fireplace that had been closed-up and plastered-over. We revived it by rebuilding the inside of the firebox and constructing a new mantel and stone hearth.