Photos: Jeffrey Dodge Rogers

A Terrific 1st Impression (Churchill Ave, Arlington)

Design by: Out of the Woods


  • Two-story addition
  • 2nd floor apartment kitchen
  • Master bathroom
  • Create 3rd floor bathroom
  • 1st floor apartment kitchen
  • Structural repair of termite damage
  • Front Porch

By others: Painting, patios

Projects like this have made us consider specializing in front porches! It's the product of a great collaborative design effort with one of our favorite clients. The illuminated fir beadboard ceiling (and the secret stain/sealer recipe) create a very warm and inviting approach to this two-family home.

The barrel roof over the kitchen window and its sloping intersections with the three flat roof planes had us feeling more like boat builders than framers. Notice the lack of downspouts… they’re buried in the walls.

The fine craftsmanship involved is evident in the results… Both jobs done were the closest to a pleasant experience one can have when undergoing rehab of an older home. - Liz Levin