Photos: Jeffrey Dodge Rogers

Nolan (Pleasant St, Arlington)

Design by: Out of the Woods


  • Historic District Commission approval
  • Complete residing, original shingle patterns
  • Complete window tear-out and replacement
  • Rebuild front porch
  • Roofing
  • Blown insulation in entire house
  • Interior crown mouldings, etc.
  • New footings under back porch

By others: Painting

We knew we had a gem of a client when she gave us the mandate to “add whimsy.” We did just that. The swags were laid-out in the shop, lauan templates were made, shingles were cut, numbered and then taken to the site and nailed-up…no sweat. We hate mucking up a front porch with downspouts, so we buried them inside the columns. And we cut the bowed balusters ourselves.

I guess we made an impression. The owner’s mother, while traveling in Cuba, met someone who said, “I know that house” and then had the same experience with another traveler in Honduras!