Photos: Jeffrey Dodge Rogers

A Nautical Feel (Church St, Winchester)

Design by: Out of the Woods & Owners


  • Rebuild front, center dormer & railing to original shape and detail
  • 3rd floor bathroom gut remodel
  • Create 3rd floor laundry room
  • 3rd floor study remodel
  • Re-roof carriage house

By others: Painting

We restored this guest bathroom to its original look, although we did take liberties adding the steam shower. The fir was milled in our shop to match the existing trim and the vanity was custom built to fit a period marble top that the client acquired from a salvage yard.

(During this project we learned a very valuable lesson: teenage girls, arriving home from school with their friends, are mortified to find an old, used toilet temporarily placed on the front porch and will call their mother at work to let her know about the grave social impact. Thankfully, the mother will find it very amusing.)