Photos: Jeffrey Dodge Rogers
  • Greg's Blog
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    Greg's blog on Remodeling Online
  • Engineering the Client Experience
    (Remodeling Magazine, May 2005)
    Self-described remodeling neophytes Susan Parker and Ed Hynes “lived to rue the day” they almost hired another contractor instead of Greg Antonioli.
  • Staying Power
    (Remodeling Magazine, November 2006)
    Antonioli says he has never had layoffs — or even sent anyone home early — due to lack of work. “If someone commits to us, then we're committed to providing them with steady work, year-round,” he explains. Employees get generous benefits from day one, including 100% health and dental coverage, quarterly bonuses, and 19 paid days off (more with time), including holidays, personal days, and vacation.
  • Schedules Happen
    (Remodeling Magazine, October 2005)
    Confidence is contagious, said legendary football coach Vince Lombardi. Bill Smith couldn't agree more. Production manager of Out of the Woods Construction & Cabinetry, Smith believes that the best way to create confident clients is to present them with an honest, realistic schedule.
  • Remodeling Big 50
    (Remodeling Magazine, May 2006)
    A devotee of Jack Stack's The Great Game of Business, Antonioli steered the company culture toward an open book style, which, he says, has created more trust between himself and his staff.
  • Be a Remodeling Survivor: Survival Strategies
    (Boston Globe, March 12, 2006)
    "The secret to dust-free construction is..."
  • Ice Smashers
    (Remodeling Magazine, April 2006)
    Greg Antonioli of Out of the Woods Construction, Arlington, Mass., holds initial meetings in his office, whose walls are “strategically lined with prints and things that are an easy cue for the prospects to ‘break the ice' themselves.”
  • Head On
    (Remodeling Magazine, March 2006)
    Post-project customer satisfaction surveys don't always find their way back to the office, so Greg Antonioli does face-to-face exit interviews.
  • Businesses Think Green
    (Arlington Advocate, November 17, 2005)
    "We look at it as just the normal cost of doing business just because it's the right thing to do. There really shouldn't be any question about it."
  • Dial a Deal
    (Remodeling Magazine, September 2005)
    When a client abruptly postponed a major project earlier this year, Greg Antonioli did something most remodelers despise but marketing experts advise. “I just started calling old leads....I turned up a ton of stuff.”